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Business Software Solutions

Provider of specialist database design, development, and consulting services.

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Ray Cologon PhD, Lead Developer

Ray Cologon, PhD.
Director of Development

FileMaker Pro Custom Development Services

NightWing Enterprises offers an expert team of specialists providing freelance services centered around FileMaker Pro custom development, FileMaker Pro consulting, FileMaker training, FileMaker support and FileMaker developer services. NightWing Enterprises is led by Ray Cologon, PhD., from headquarters in Melbourne Australia, and with a regional office in Perth.

Cologon is himself multi-skilled with a background in the arts, education, administration, software engineering and consulting. His no-fuss approach, hands-on professionalism and leadership is behind everything that NightWing Enterprises delivers. The philosophy that underpins NightWing is one striving to go beyond the ordinary - to integrate art and technology.

NightWing Enterprises is a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. Our expert support includes specialist design, custom development and developer services utilizing FileMaker Pro, the database development tool of choice for its flexibility, scalability and graphical sophistication. Members of our team have been developing with FileMaker Pro for more than a decade, and are internationally recognized experts in the production of cross-platform client server solutions and self-contained applications.

NightWing Enterprises provides consulting, custom FileMaker solutions and developer support services to clients in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. Many of our clients are themselves FileMaker Pro developers, who seek support for advanced requirements and complex projects. We could add a great deal to your project - art, imagination and expertise - contact us to discuss your requirements!

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The NightWing Enterprises team includes multiple FileMaker Certified Developers for versions 7 to 15 inclusive.
** The FileMaker Certified Developer logo is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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* Learning FileMaker Pro 13 DVD Training *

authored by Ray Cologon of NightWing Enterprises !

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* FileMaker Pro 10 Bible *

written by Ray Cologon of NightWing Enterprises !

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2005 FileMaker Excellence Award

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The FileMaker Excellence Award for Leadership and Technical Excellence in FileMaker Pro was presented to Ray Cologon of NightWing Enterprises, at the FileMaker Developer Conference in Phoenix Arizona in August 2005. Excellence awards are given annually by FileMaker Inc. based on nominations from the international membership of the FileMaker Business Alliance (formerly the FileMaker Solutions Alliance), an association of professional FileMaker developers.

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NightWing Enterprises announces support for FileMaker 13 !!

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NightWing Enterprises Pty Ltd
ABN 11 091 607 591
PO Box 20, Dallas, Victoria, Australia 3047
Ph +61 3 9016 3347  •   Fax +61 3 9309 8273  •   Mobile 0409 309 143

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