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Wand and Box ~ Pic

Wand Detail - Pic
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Fine Traditional Handcrafted Wands

(The wand pictured above and left is from the 'Temple' series;   actual size 33.2cm  x  1.9cm  x  1.9cm)

Individually hand-sculpted Wand constructed along traditional lines from carefully selected woods. The design is balanced and finished with complementary cross-grain blocking and contoured endcaps.

Each NightWing Wand contains a traditional talisman at the core, set between twin shafts of the stem. In this case a single horsehair has been used.

The model pictured above is from the Temple series, featuring a hand-carved spiral tip (see detail at left).

A selection of Wands are reproduced below to provide an indication of the range available.

Tournament Series
Rosewood, Walnut
and Silver Ash
Tournament Wand ~ Pic

 Mantle Wand (pic)
Mantle Series
Walnut, Cherry
and Silver Ash

Constancy Series
Silver Ash, Cherry and
Australian Laurel
Constancy Wand (Pic)

Temple Wand 1 (Pic)
Temple Series
Dark Cherry, Silver Ash
and Australian Laurel

Temple Series
Dark Cherry, Ebony
and Silver Ash
Temple Wand 2 (Pic)

Firmament Wand 1 (Pic)
Firmament Series
Dark Silky Oak,
Ebony and Silver Ash

Firmament Series
Willow, Dark Cherry
and Canadian Holly
Firmament Wand 2 (Pic)

Cardinal Wand (Pic)
Cardinal Series
Dark Cherry, Silver Ash
and Rosewood

Monarch Series
Walnut, Holly, Ebony
and Silver Ash
Monarch Wand (Pic)

+  To see additional Wands, please
visit the Online Catalogue  page.



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