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We are pleased to announce the release of KeyCodeMaker®, a powerful tool for developers of FileMaker® Pro solutions.

KeyCodeMaker is a standalone application which generates user registration codes for your software *and* creates calculations to decode them. It will provide independent activation coding systems for different solutions and versions, plus it provides the capability to encapsulate dates and other data within the user activation codes to provide support for time-limited activations or multiple user privilege levels.

KeyCodeMaker® - Screen Art
KeyCodeMaker has been designed specifically for FileMaker developers, to provide a flexible and powerful range of software activation options. It creates unique product key encoding systems on demand, each depending on its own set of randomly generated cypher keys. With KeyCodeMaker you can create a new and unique activation coding system at the click of a button, enter a few details and you will instantly be ready to cut and paste the complete verification formulae into your FileMaker script dialogs. Creating a new coding system for each new version of a product has never been easier.

The layered formulae which are produced and managed by KeyCodeMaker provide a level of functionality that would take many long hours to code by hand. Yet with an automated management system such as KeyCodeMaker the whole process is streamlined and implementation is at your fingertips. For a modest price and a few mouse clicks, you will have an inexhaustible supply of unique product activation systems for your solutions.

In addition to its role in creating the formulae for use in your solution, KeyCodeMaker also generates and manages user registration (activation) codes, enabling you to efficiently create and store multiple activation codes for each user. Whether you charge users by the month or quarter, sell them full ongoing licenses, or a mix of these and other license terms, KeyCodeMaker is flexible enough to make the whole process run smoothly.

Unlike a plug-in based tool, KeyCodeMaker, once fully registered, gives you unlimited distribution rights, is fully cross platform and its formulae integrate right into your solution's scripts and calcs, so there are no separate '.fmx' files or complicated instructions for end-users to worry about.

Features include:
  • seamless cross-platform support for Windows, MacOS 9 and MacOS X. KeyCodeMaker formulae and activation codes work reliably and interchangeably on any of the supported platforms
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  • one-way encoding ties the codes to registered usernames for your users (usernames supported are free form alphanumeric text from 6 to 60 characters in length), so your solutions can be personalized to discourage piracy or 'sharing' of licenses
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  • a two-way encryption/decryption cryptosystem is interleaved within the one-way encoded packets of the code, allowing you to include a date plus status indicator and/or a number between 1 and 800 within the activation codes you issue. Now you can sell licenses which expire on a set date, or run for a predetermined number of days or logins or whatever... it's up to you!
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  • support for multiple products and/or multiple versions of each product, with the option to deploy incompatible cryptosystems for each product/version (so that keys issued for one version won't work with another - requiring users to purchase an upgrade etc)
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  • support for multiple activation codes against each user/product registration - so that you can track monthly, quarterly, annual or other subscription options as convenient ways to license your products
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  • user-friendly activation codes in a standard 4 x 4 alphanumeric format are specially designed to avoid the characters which are the most common cause of confusion - such as I and 1, 0 and O, in order to minimise confusion and frustration for the end-users of your products and reduce the incidence of support calls relating to product activation
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  • built-in database features to track multiple products, users, registrations and license codes, exploiting FileMaker's relational capabilities to provide you with an efficient management tool for your software and user data
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  • special developer interface to facilitate management of the code base which supports the activation code functionality, with script sequences and procedures described in detail along with comprehensive instructions and notes - plus the option to copy and paste ready-made unique formulae direct from the developer data screen and paste them into the script calculation dialogs in your FileMaker Pro solution/s
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  • built-in password protection and security options to assist in protecting your encryption keys and product and customer information. The keys in particular are worth protecting, since they are what makes your activation systems unique and prevent others from guessing or replicating the codes for your products
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  • efficient production of complex formulae which would take hours or days to code and troubleshoot individually
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  • cost effective software access control solution - once you purchase KeyCodeMaker, you can include the code it generates in unlimited solutions and distribute them to unlimited users. You can expect it to pay for itself many times over
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  • all FileMaker native code for maximum portability, cross-platform capability, integration and compact simplicity
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  • leading-edge point and click GUI which offers elegance, ergonomics and simplicity, with integrated online help and a host of power-user features built in
In all, KeyCodeMaker offers a rapid development ultility, a versatile addition to your arsenal of developer tools and a more secure system for distribution and activation of your software products.

Here's what the activation codes produced by KeyCodeMaker look like:


As you can see, the user activation codes are compact and suitable for transmission in a variety of formats including email, fax, pdf or aural communication. Yet the format provides for more than 1.2E+24 unique codes per product - more than enough for the most popular products - not to mention providing considerable resistance to 'brute force' hacker attack.

In addition, the codes incorporate random elements, which further obscure the encrypted content, offering added protection against any efforts to recover the encapsulated data without utilising the unique formulae calculated by KeyCodeMaker. Since KeyCodeMaker is capable of producing a vast number of different (and fundamentally incompatible) activation code formulation systems - it is extraordinarily unlikely that anyone will stumble upon the same formula.

in compliance with export control requirements under Regulation 13E of the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations. [DTCC Ref: 31825]


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