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FileMaker FP5 Sample and Demo Files Archive

The following sample and demonstration files are subject to copyright.
They are provided free of charge by courtesy of NightWing Enterprises.

+   Archive of Demos & Samples in .fp5 Format   +

Available below are a selection of sample and demo files which were published
by NightWing Enterprises prior to the release of FileMaker Pro 7.


Demos are loosely grouped into the following six selections. Click on the items listed below
to view a more detailed description and/or download the corresponding example file(s).

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+   Interface and Navigation Techniques   +

  * 'ClickTips' - Pop-Up Help Feature for Layout Objects
  * Floating Palette Navigation in Preview Mode
  * Graphical Navigation Bar
  * Field Text Formatting System Sampler
  * Automatically Highlight the Current Row in List View
  * Consistently Highlight the Active Row in List View using Troi Activator™
  * Independently Incrementing Serial Numbers
  * Manually Sorting the Records in a Portal
  * Custom Record Selection System


+   Calculations, Logs and Extended Functionality   +

  * The Rolling Log
  * 'Multiple Undo' in FileMaker!
  * Copy Forward/Copy Down (within a record)
  * Carry/Calculate Down (across multiple records)
  * Accessing Values from Adjacent Records
  * Convert characters to/from ASCII character numbers
  * Dynamic Check Digits - Modulus 10 and Modulus 11!
  * Custom Date Validation Techniques...
  * The Value Tracker - cumulative history of numeric values in a field!


+   Finesse and Added Value!   +

  * Horizontal Portals - A Convincing Simulation
  * Formatting All Occurrences of a User-Specified Word/Phrase in a Field
  * Automatic Application of Multiple Character Formats in a Field
  * Scripting the Insertion of Coloured/Formatted Text!
  * Click to Toggle a Field Text Format
  * Pop-Up 'Layout Menu' for Navigation
  * Pop-Up 'Script Menu' Command Interface
  * Print Options and Auto-wrap
  * A Simple Multi-Layered Summary Layout


+   Working with Lists and Values   +

  * Conditional Value List Example
  * Automatic Value List Selection - Without Relationships!
  * Dynamic Value List Example
  * The 'Memory Effect' - Automatic List Compiler
  * List Control - Finding/Extracting an Item from a List or Array, by Number
  * Automating the Performance of Multiple Finds
  * Finding Similar Values (portal filter)
  * Automatic Value Locking System
  * Manual Allocation of Portal Items to Records
  * Automatic Shuffling, Sorting and/or Reversal of List Item Sequence


+   Working with Data Ranges and Arrays   +

  * The Array Expander - Dealing With Data Migration Issues
  * Custom Parsing - Expanding Delimited Data and Arrays within Records
  * Finding only one of each record when there are duplicates!
  * TextMaster - Text Range Filtering for Portals
  * Range Relationships - Date, Number and Time
  * The Event Window - A Rolling Date Range System
  * Displaying the Found Set in a Portal
  * Dynamically Generating Number Ranges
  * Inclusive Date Ranges


+   Some Lateral Solutions   +

  * Comprehensive Audit Tracking System
  * Auto-Date-Stamping a Field Entry
  * Multi-State and Multi-Modal Graphical Checkbox
  * Alphanumeric Code Extractor
  * Rotating Container Field Images
  * Field Ranking and Sorting Order Within a Record
  * Calculate sorts and competitive rankings across records
  * Simulated Pop-Up Lists with Extended Functionality
  * Dynamic Merge Tags Within Field Text


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