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As a free service to fellow developers and potential clients, the
following demonstration is provided for free download.

NB: If you may require assistance implementing procedures such as those shown in the
example files, please consider establishing an account with us for developer support.

Ultra-Streamlined Audit Tracking System for FileMaker 7.

FileMaker 7 changes the way many features operate and opens up new possibilities. One of these makes possible a new and highly efficient way to implement logging and audit tracking functionality. Building on a technique we published in 2001 (designed for FileMaker v 5.5) which showed how it was possible to log an unlimited number of fields using only a handful of additional fields within each file, this file achieves a similar feat using *only two* additional fields per table. A single auto-enter text field to capture the history - and the log field itself. In addition, the technique does not require that new records be created by script!

This makes the method highly suitable for streamlined implementations in files of up to several hundred fields per record (although only eighty fields are logged for the purposes of this demo). Moreover FileMaker 7's extended field storage capacity makes this method highly attractive, even for tables with high volumes of transactions.

The logging principle is simple. The immediate history of data for each field to be logged is stored in a single field - and when an element of data has been changed, its previous value is dynamically located and parsed from the temporary history repository, for automatic inclusion in the audit log. The parsing utilizes a reference list of the names of fields to be included in the audit log which is stored in a global field. When a field is modified, the position of the field's name in the global field is referenced and used to locate and extract the field's previous value from the temporary record history repository.

In the unlikely event that the combined size of values to be logged on any record may exceed FileMaker 7's 2Gb field size limit, then a second or subsequent record history field will be required - however for a majority of solutions the storage requirements for a single record will never remotely approach this limit. If desired, a procedure could be implemented to archive the logged data to a text file or related db at regular intervals, rather than allowing it to accumulate within the record indefinitely. This may also be advantageous in cases where it is desirable that the logs be independently searchable or used for reporting or other purposes.

Unlike most previous solutions of this type, logging commences instantaneously on creation of a new record (even before the record has been exited) so creation of new records via script is not mandatory.

Subsequent to the above, we have released a companion demo which shows a simplified technique which may be suitable for some implementations. Released under the name SuperLog, this alternative technique, whilst less flexible, is uniquely compact and effortless in implementation. We are continuing to make both techniques available as complementary offerings, since each has its particular strengths.

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