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As a free service to fellow developers and potential clients, the
following demonstration is provided for free download.

NB: If you may require assistance implementing procedures such as those shown in the
example files, please consider establishing an account with us for developer support.

Example of a Booking System which shows available (unbooked) items

With the release of FileMaker Pro 7, powerful new options are available for the creation of relationships which deal with ranges and multiple relationship criteria, making combinations of filtering and range matching easier than ever before. Whilst the system demonstrated in this file deploys functionality which has been possible in previous versions of FileMaker Pro (and we've issued previous demos to show it!), this example harnesses a clutch of FileMaker's new features to show how much more efficiently such features can be delivered using v7.

The system shown in this file is simplified in order to provide an example of basic functionality. It allows you to enter basic criteria for a room search - a range of dates within which the room is required, the number of people that the booking is for, and the type of room that is needed. The system then immediately and dynamically locates all the rooms which do not already have a booking within the date range indicated - and which also meet the capacity and type criteria. These are listed on the availability checking screen and a single click on one of the rows which appears in the list of available rooms processes a booking for that room, for the dates which were entered.

In order to efficiently match date ranges between the availability check and bookings tables, the example utilizes a custom regression function called NumRange( ) which has been created using the new custom function capailities of FileMaker Developer 7. This function is then used to facilitate a multi-criteria match to the bookings table. Matches found are then eliminated from the list of available rooms - again using the powerful new relationship model of v7.

The resulting system is one which is flexible and can be re-applied to many different situations, by adjusting or extending the basic framework. The custom function deployed here provides for booking ranges spanning more than ten years - and the principle on which it is based can be extended to accommodate longer periods if desired.

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