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Fluid manipulation of structured data!

Matrix Controller

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As a courtesy to fellow developers and potential clients, the
following demonstration file is provided for free download.

When working with information in groups or grids, such as rosters, diaries, packing lists, seating assignments and the like, you may have wished you could drag and drop field values to different locations. Although FileMaker supports a form of drag-and-drop for selected text, dragging whole field values is not supported, moreover dragging creates a copy rather than moving a value or swapping the source and destination values.

This file demonstrates an interface technique that allows you to move values around or swap their positions just by clicking on the source and destination fields. Point and click! By default, you must shift-click to select a source value (to move, edit or delete) as a quasi safety-catch, however a preference setting in the demo allows you to dispense with the shift-key and move items with alternate clicks.

The technique makes short work of assigning and reassigning values to fields in any calendar, grid or plan layout. The example shown here moves values between records in a related table, however the technique can readily be adapted to move values between tables or between fields in the current table - whatever you choose.

This demo file is unlocked and password-free, compliments of NightWing Enterprises.

Mac OS X demo download  
Win XP/Vista demo download  

Matrix Controller demo for FileMaker Pro

NB: If you may require assistance implementing procedures such as those shown in our
example files, please consider establishing an account with us for developer support.



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