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NightWing Enterprises — Demo for FileMaker Pro™ 10

Keyboard Control of Portal Filter & Navigation!

Type-Ahead System

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As a courtesy to fellow developers and potential clients, the
following demonstration file is provided for free download.

In the past, we've pioneered techniques for seamlessly making a filtered portal update as you type, and providing keyboard navigation of a portal and selection and display of the current portal record. Now, it is possible to deliver equivalent functionality natively using the built-in script triggering capabilities of FIleMaker Pro 10.

In this demo, we provide an example of a full-featured native implementation of automated portal filtering with complete keyboard control of portal navigation and selection options. You can use the up and down arrows to choose a portal record - the currently selected portal row acquires a highlight and the Enter or Return keys can be used interchangeably to display the selected record in its own layout.

A key feature of the portal navigation technique shown in this demo is that when there are more records in the portal than can be accommodated on screen, pressing the arrow keys to navigate up or down the portal also scrolls the portal to ensure that the selected row remains in view, reactivating the filter fields (and restoring cursor position or selection there).

This file includes examples of techniques for controlling the execution of scripts triggered by the action of other scripts, as well as conditional triggering of navigation scripts from the keyboard on data entry layouts.

This demo file is unlocked and password-free, compliments of NightWing Enterprises. The use of this technique is free for private and educational purposes. Use for business or commercial applications is subject to license (pricing on request).

* This demo requires FileMaker Pro 10.

Mac OS X demo download  
Win XP/Vista demo download  

Type-Ahead System demo for FileMaker Pro

NB: Should you require assistance implementing procedures such as those shown in our
example files, please consider establishing an account with us for developer support.



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