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NightWing Enterprises — Demo for FileMaker Pro™ 10

Protecting Sensitive Data on FileMaker Layouts!

Auto-Bullet Fields

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As a courtesy to fellow developers and potential clients, the
following demonstration file is provided for free download.

Protecting your data with internal data security (Accounts and Privilege Sets) is an essential safeguard for sensitive information, but it isn't always sufficient. If your solution's interface exposes sensitive data to the eyes of casual observers, your data is not secure. Whether you are dealing with registation codes, access codes, credit card details or any other sensitive information, you are likely to encounter a need to provide blind entry on your FileMaker layouts.

In this demo, we show a method by which you can provide a data entry field that shows only bullet characters as the user types, while the actual data they enter is captured and stored behind the scenes, out of sight. Using native script triggering capabilities of FileMaker 10, this technique is designed to be portable and easy to implement - either for multiple fields on the same layout, multiple layouts in the same solution, or in multiple solutions.

Also included in this demo is an example script that is capable of clearing multiple fields at once (either the fields listed in a parameter or, if no parameter is supplied, all fields on the current layout). Note: the ClearFields script is also provided as part of the Text Controller demo, another in the X4X demo series.

As part of the auto-bullet fields technique, you define (via the script parameter you pass to the OnObject Modify script assigned to the bullet field) the location of the field where the entered data is to be stored. You can choose a repetition of the same (data entry) field, a different field in the same table, or a related field. Moreover, implementing the technique in a new file is a three step process that takes only minutes (provided you have this example on hand to refer to).

This demo file is unlocked and password-free, compliments of NightWing Enterprises. The use of this technique is free for private and educational purposes. Use for business or commercial applications is subject to license (pricing on request).

* This demo requires FileMaker Pro 10.

Mac OS X demo download  
Win XP/Vista demo download  

Auto-Bullet Fields demo for FileMaker Pro

NB: Should you require assistance implementing procedures such as those shown in our
example files, please consider establishing an account with us for developer support.



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