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The FileMaker Seven Series

NightWing Enterprises is proud to support the full FileMaker 7 Product Range.
(display picture taken at FMI Headquarters, Santa Clara, CA, 2004)

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+   NightWing Enterprises - FileMaker Solutions   +

NightWing Enterprises provides FileMaker Pro specialist
development and support to clients on all major continents.

Set out below is the broad scope of FileMaker Pro services provided and end-user products created
and made available by the software and multimedia division of NightWing Enterprises.


Our commercial consulting and development services are provided to select clients.
Payment is required in advance and no work is scheduled until payment is received.

Limited Service Level Agreement contracts are available which enable premium clients
to reserve ongoing development and/or support time based on a periodic payment
schedule (quarterly in advance). Contact us for further details.


NightWing Enterprises is a FileMaker Certified Developer for version 7 & 8 and
Associate Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance.

NB: If you may require assistance implementing procedures such as those shown on
this site, please consider establishing an account with us for developer support.

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FileMaker Pro Custom Development

Time to stop and think! If your business is not exactly the same as every other business, why would you use the same software as everyone else? What are the real costs of squeezing yourself into other people's shoes, year after year??

There are many commercial software products that promise low-cost - but they rarely provide the most efficient or, ultimately, the most economical way of organizing your business when viewed overall. If you rely on off-the-shelf software, it is almost certain that your business model is partly dictated by the way the programs work. Your competitive advantage is diminished by this, while opportunities (for economies and also for growth) are lost.

It's time to start thinking about software that works the way *you* do, that provides the information you need and does what you want (and need!) it to do, *when* you want it to. It does not have to be so hard. At NightWing Enterprises, we offer FileMaker Pro custom Development services because we know the value of custom software. We understand that custom software can transform your business precisely because your business is not like every other business.

Our select clients are supported by our depth of expertise and our established track record in delivering FileMaker Pro consulting and development services. We are noted for our ability to bring creativity, technical knowledge and the highest standards of professionalism to each job that we accept. We take great pains to stay at the leading edge of technology because we know that custom software you acquire now must carry you into the future.

If you're ready to do things differently and to invest substantially in the future of your business, we're ready to craft the tools that will take you there.


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Service Specialization

NightWing Enterprises is an established leader in the provision of FileMaker Pro design and development services to high levels of professionalism, across a diverse spectrum industry and business and on all major continents. We pride ourselves on high levels of communication and service professionalism. We have chosen FileMaker Pro and the FileMaker development environment because of the breadth, scope and rich functionality that FileMaker custom databases deliver to our clients.

Led by Ray Cologon Ph.D., our FileMaker consulting and FileMaker advisory services as well as our innovations have been widely recognised. Under the code name CobaltSky, extensive contributions to public forums have helped to advance the art of FileMaker Pro development and have provided a reference point for our work and the range of our skill set.

In order to provide exemplary service and value, we choose use the FileMaker Pro application and database programming platform for its platform diversity (with support for Windows, MacOS and Linux), its legendary ease of use, its modern graphical interface and its extraordinary flexibility. We believe that no other database driven programming environment currently available matches FileMaker Pro for rapid development, versatility and sheer power.

NightWing Enterprises is proud to be an active Associate Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, and Dr Cologon is a FileMaker 7 Certified Developer and attendee and participant in various regional and international FileMaker development groups and conferences.


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+   Scope of NightWing Enterprises' FileMaker Services   +

  * FileMaker Pro development
  * FileMaker custom programmer services
  * FileMaker Programmer analysis and code audit
  * FileMaker custom programming support
  * FileMaker Programming architecture design
  * FileMaker Pro custom developer services
  * FileMaker Development tools and utilities
  * FileMaker Pro custom development
  * FileMaker Developer services
  * FileMaker Pro custom programmer support
  * Support for in-house FileMaker Developers
  * FileMaker Pro custom programming techniques
  * FileMaker Development resources
  * FileMaker consulting/support
  * FileMaker Pro programmer services
  * FileMaker Pro consulting services
  * FileMaker Pro programming
  * FileMaker consultant/trainer
  * FileMaker Pro consultant expertise
  * FileMaker Pro programming support
  * FileMaker Pro specialist advisory services
  * FileMaker specialist design services
  * FileMaker custom advisory services
  * FileMaker Pro solutions infrastructure
  * Interface modelling for FileMaker custom databases
  * FileMaker Pro custom solutions
  * FileMaker solutions data design and analysis
  * FileMaker custom developer services
  * FileMaker Pro examples, demos and tips
  * FileMaker custom development


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Flight to FileMaker DevCon, Phoenix 2004

Image taken in transit to the FileMaker Developer Conference, Phoenix Arizona 2004.

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NightWing Enterprises is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and a FileMaker Certified Developer.
FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) FileMaker 7 Certified Developer FileMaker 8 Certified Developer FileMaker 9 Certified Developer



NightWing Enterprises
ABN 22 207 533 285
PO Box 20, Dallas, Victoria, Australia 3047
Ph +61 3 9309 1434  •   Fax +61 3 9309 8273  •   Mobile 0409 309 143

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