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NightWing Master Developer Workstation

Master Design and Development Workstation - NightWing Enterprises, Melbourne, Australia.

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+   NightWing Enterprises - FileMaker Solutions   +

NightWing Enterprises is a provider of FileMaker Pro specialist
development and support to Australian and international clients.

Detailed here are the range and depth of FileMaker Pro services provided and end-user products developed
and distributed as part of the software and multimedia work of NightWing Enterprises.


Our commercial consulting and development services are provided to select clients.
Payment is required in advance and no work is scheduled until payment is received.

Limited Service Level Agreement contracts are available which enable premium clients
to reserve ongoing development and/or support time based on a periodic payment
schedule (quarterly in advance). Contact us for further details.


NightWing Enterprises is a FileMaker Certified Developer for version 7 & 8 and
Associate Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance.

NB: If you may require assistance implementing procedures such as those shown on
this site, please consider establishing an account with us for developer support.

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Service Specialization

NightWing Enterprises has built a reputation for its work in the delivery of FileMaker Pro design and development services at international standards, to a broad cross-section of industries and business areas both nationally and internationally. Communication and professionalism are key words for us and we go the extra distance to deliver the best results. Our developer tool of choice is the outstanding FileMaker Pro database development environment, which offers breadth, depth and versatility. FileMaker custom databases provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

Our operations are headed by Ray Cologon Ph.D., who has a significant track record of achievement as well as creativity and innovation. Our FileMaker consulting and FileMaker advisory services as well as our FileMaker developer tools and utilities have been widely recognised. In addition, the code-named CobaltSky makes contributions on our behalf to an number of international and public forums with a view to collaboratively pushing the envelope of FileMaker Pro development. These efforts assist us to keep abreast of the latest trends and knowledge and to contribute to the emerging technological community online.

As part of our commitment to the provision of exemplary service and value, our services extend the FileMaker Pro application and database programming platform by complementing it with a range of industry leading plug-ins and third party development tools. With the range of options which are available to us, we consider that no other database driven programming environment provides the levels of versatility and sheer power that FileMaker Pro delivers.

NightWing Enterprises is an active member and Associate of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, and Dr Cologon has recently been confirmed as one of the first FileMaker 7 Certified Developers in Australia. We are pleased to attend and contribution to a number of local and global FileMaker development groups and conferences.


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+   Scope of NightWing Enterprises' FileMaker Services   +

  * FileMaker Pro development
  * FileMaker Programmer analysis and code audit
  * FileMaker Programming architecture design
  * FileMaker Development tools and utilities
  * FileMaker Developer services
  * Support for FileMaker Developers
  * FileMaker Development resources
  * FileMaker Pro programmer services
  * FileMaker Pro programming
  * FileMaker Pro programming support
  * FileMaker custom advisory services
  * FileMaker Pro custom solutions
  * FileMaker custom developer services
  * FileMaker custom development
  * FileMaker custom programmer services
  * FileMaker custom programming support
  * FileMaker Pro custom developer services
  * Professional FileMaker Pro Development
  * FileMaker Pro custom programmer support
  * FileMaker Pro custom programming techniques
  * FileMaker consulting/support
  * FileMaker Pro consulting services
  * FileMaker consultant/trainer
  * FileMaker Pro Advanced expertise
  * FileMaker specialist design services
  * FileMaker Pro specialist advisory services
  * Interface modelling for FileMaker custom databases
  * FileMaker Pro solutions infrastructure
  * FileMaker solutions data design and analysis
  * FileMaker Pro examples, demos and tips


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NightWing Enterprises FileMaker Developer Worstations at night

The eerie glow of FileMaker Developer Workstartions in the hush of evening.

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NightWing Enterprises is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and a FileMaker Certified Developer.
FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) FileMaker 7 Certified Developer FileMaker 8 Certified Developer FileMaker 9 Certified Developer



NightWing Enterprises
ABN 22 207 533 285
PO Box 20, Dallas, Victoria, Australia 3047
Ph +61 3 9309 1434  •   Fax +61 3 9309 8273  •   Mobile 0409 309 143

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